A homeless person has a series of daily run-ins with a non-homeless person, where the non-homeless person is unknowingly doing something that puts the homeless person in some sort of danger. The danger could lead to a bad thing happening that has the potential to eventually cause the homeless person’s death.

The homeless person tries each day to tell the non-homeless person that he’s being dangerous but the non-homeless person simply does not see the danger.

After a few days the non-homeless person realises what it was that he was doing that was dangerous and stops doing the dangerous thing.

Meanwhile everybody else has stopped giving the ‘crazy’ homeless person money, because they don’t want to incentivise his ‘crazy’ behaviour, so he’s been starving and thirsty for several days.

The homeless person essentially had to pay in advance to fix somebody else’s problem.

Eventually, if this sort of thing keeps happening, the homeless person doesn’t have enough flesh on his body and so he dies.

Also, the non-homeless person might be lying.

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