Last week I listened to a John Gruber interview with Tom Watson and Daniel Agee, the founders of the photo sharing app Glass. They talked a lot about what it was like during web2.0, including some of the cool things that got developed in that period.

I enjoyed the brief trip down memory lane, an oasis of calm amongst the current madness all around. I spent a few minutes making a list of some of the things I remember, and enjoyed wondering how some of these types of technologies and trends could blend with things in web3.0.

Here’s that list:

  • Rocketboom, Ze Frank, and videoblogging
  • Citizen journalism
  • Creative Commons licensing
  • Crowd funding
  • Community events and meet-ups
  • The Maker movement
  • 3D printing
  • Photo sharing
  • Video streaming
  • Online maps and navigation
  • Blogging and RSS
  • Live photo feeds from events with photos displaying on your desktop as they are taken
  • Journalism integrated with data analysis tools
  • Social media
  • Newsrooms integrating social media into their broadcasts
  • Wikipedia
  • APIs everywhere
  • Web services - AWS, Azure etc
  • Podcasting and podcast tools
  • Open source hardware
  • Open source software
  • Github repos and actions
  • Bit torrent for sharing assets with listeners to collaborate on
  • User Generated Content
  • Live video streaming mixed with forum/chat rooms with bots that trigger video and audio overlays when events like tipping occurs
  • Gifs
  • Memes
  • Newsletters
  • Weird one offs that never took off like Chat Roulette

Some of these were around before web2.0, but got very popular during web2.0 and arguably some were developed more recently but IMO feel very web2ish. Nonetheless when I think about web2.0, these are some of the things that come to mind.

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