Along with the linkblog site redesign and more recent foundations building, I’ve made steady progress with other items too, including:

  • Improved useability during signup, activation and onboarding
  • Built foundation for upcoming SSL for Custom Domains feature
  • Added tags to profile page data exports
  • Optimizations for custom domains
  • Database connection improvements
  • Kept 3rd party modules up to date
  • Faq and privacy pages updates
  • Code build and deploy system overhaul
  • Server provisioning system overhaul
  • Refactored analytics for better anonymization
  • Improved security with CSP policy
  • Improved integration and unit tests
  • Frontend optimizations by using compiled templates on client
  • Better data validation

Because of previous work done to build a staging environment and load balance the site across several nodes I’ve been able to make all these changes while keeping downtimes to a minimum.

Here is the status page for the previous month:

Linkblog status page - November 2019

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