Earlier I wrote a how to blog post. It would be nice to add it to my linkblog timeline in case anyone stumbles across my linkblog. Then they might get a better idea of how a linkblog might be useful. It might also be interesting to others that are building software and writing documentation to see my flow.


I open the post in my web browser, load the blog post I just wrote and click the bookmarklet in my browser bookmarks bar. I added the popup bookmarklet to my browser bookmarks bar when I setup my linkblog account.

Linkblog popup bookmarklet

The popup window appears and I add the text “New Post:” to the start of the message text. When I am linking to a blog post I wrote, I always add this prefix so that I can easily search for them later, and it also draws a bit of attention to the link for people that might read my linkblog.

Linkblog popup bookmarklet edit message text

I click on the ‘Meta’ tab and add some tags. While typing the tags, a drop down appears under the tag box to suggest tags that I have previously used in posts. I click the tag in the drop down and it autocompletes the tag in the tag boz or just continue typing and hit enter when I am done typing the tag. Tags can have spaces in them but no underscores.

I jump back to the main tab and click the “Post Message” button. The window disappears as if it was never there. I open my linkblog and find that a new item has been posted linking to the blog post.

Linkblog popup bookmarklet add tags

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